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Blue Cheese Dressing 1

Serves: 2 Ingredients: 8 Ounces of mayonnaise ½ oz. of Sour Cream Garlic powder ½ Dash of Vinegar
Chopped Onion (fine) Method:
• Blend all the ingredients until well blended
• Enjoy with salads Calories: 484g, fat: 39.4g, carbs 33.6g, Protein 2.1g
½ Cup of Chives (minced) Method: 
• Use fork to break the cheese in a small bowl 
• Mash the cheese lightly and leave some small chunks aside 
• Add all the ingredients except chives… and blend well 
• Add chives to the blended mixture 
• Pour the mixture in a bowl with cover 
•Store in a fridge for 7 days 
•Enjoy Calories: 387g, fat: 35g, carbs 17.7g, Protein 2.8g

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