Recents in Beach

Pina Colada Yogurt Parfaits

●       4 cups Greek yogurt 
●       1 cup coconut flakes, lightly toasted 
●       8 teaspoons chia seeds (optional) 
●       2 cups fresh chopped pineapple 
●       4 tablespoons raw honey + extra for drizzling Method: Add yogurt, 6 teaspoons chia seeds and honey into a bowl and stir.  Take 4 tall glasses. Place a few pieces’ pineapple followed a little coconut and a few tablespoons yogurt.  Repeat the above layer a few times until all the pineapple, coconut and yogurt is used up.  Sprinkle ½ teaspoon chia seeds in each glass. Trickle ½ tablespoon honey in each glass and serve.

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