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Taco Salad

Serves: 3 Ingredients: ½ Pkg of Taco seasoning (follow instructions) ½ can of Tomatoes (diced) ½ lb. of Beef (ground) ¼ Cup of Sour cream ¼ Cup of salsa
Desired vegetables Lettuce (desired amounts) Cheese (shredded) Method: 
• Toss the ground beef and tomatoes in the skillet and heat until the meat is brownish in color; then add taco seasoning 
• After the meat is cooked, drained and set apart 
• Blend lettuce with your desired veggies in a salad bowl 
• Pour in meat on it and sprinkle shredded cheese 
• Add sour cream and salsa to make a yummy dressing Calories: 295g, fat: 15.4g, carbs 8.5g, Protein 30g

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